Taylor Swift Featuring The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound

03 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've been a fan of Taylor Swift's, since she started releasing here in the UK, however she isn't as big here as she is in America, and it's astonishing the chart hits she's getting over there, whereas here she's only scratching the surface every now and then, which is a little disappointing. I went to see her live with Edges on 22nd March 2011. Edges is a big fan of hers. She has collaborated with The Civil Wars, who consists of Joy Williams and John Paul White, on this track, they are pretty new, and have started releasing here in the UK, and a lot of people are warming to them, and I can see Country storming the charts in the next few years, with Taylor Swift at the focal point. We've had Sugarland, Lady Antebellum and now The Civil Wars, and the Footloose Soundtrack, I wonder who will be next.

This song was written by Taylor Swift, Joy Williams, John Paul White and T Bone Burnett. This collaboration is quite surprising as it's nothing like other Taylor Swift songs, but it's so peaceful and tranquil, that it's just amazing. I think it's more a representation of The Civil Wars, however Taylor Swift brings her perfect voice to the mix. The song was written for the soundtrack for The Hunger Games (film, which is out very soon), it was based on the book, which I found incredible, all the trailers look amazing, and this song fits in perfectly, cannot wait for the film.

There isn't a lot to this music video, but that is exactly what we wanted from this peaceful song. There's specific links with the film, however no film footage was used, which is quite clever for a soundtrack music video, and this is exactly what makes it stand out.

Taylor Swift is walking through a forest, wearing a white dress and she is bare footed, it does give this feel of a near end-of-the-world apocalypse, and she's very alone. The mockingjay pin (reference for the film) links in perfectly. The Civil Wars are performing in front of a fireplace in a house, which could be the place Taylor Swift walks into. It's like she is searching for someone, but she's isolated.

This music video makes you feel connected as if you're drifting away into the Hunger Games. It's the perfect song and video for a promotional single for the film, and I hope that when I go to the cinema and watch the film, this song pops up, as it is worthy to be in the film and not just during the credits.