David Guetta Featuring Chris Willis - Love Is Gone

04 March Critic Jonni 0 Comments

David Guetta, first name Pierre, has been chosen as my Sunday revisit... Why? Well It was an act of elimination, he is the only artist, from this week (apart from XTM), who has released a single before 2008, so I'm starting to get worried, as one week I might end up with no one for a Sunday revisit, and I'll be stuck on that day. A lot of people prefer the old David Guetta, personally I think I'd have to agree, although I wouldn't have been able to identify any of his songs, but now searching them up on YouTube I do know a lot of them. Again this is a collaboration with Chris Willis, him and David Guetta have collaborated since the start, so I'm interested what he'll be like without David...

This song managed to get to number 9 in the UK chart, and I've heard it a number of times but never identified it as David Guetta until now. The lyrics were written by Chris Willis, whereas the music was written by David Guetta, Frédéric Reisterer and Joachim Garraud. This seems like a very common collaborated writing team. This song is really catchy and I bet it has been remixed a number of times.

This music video is really good and understandable, whenever I've caught it on the music channels I have always missed the start of it, and so now that I've seen it from start to finish, I realise that everything now makes sense, although there are quite a few weird customers in that restaurant.

For anyone who is wondering... The actress in the video is Kelly Thiebaud, who is known for Hostel Part III, The Secret Life Of An American Teenager, Days of Our Lives, Chuck, and many other acting credits. She is a good actress, and I cannot believe that guy dumped her, but then again some people just aren't that clever.

The customers in this video are definitely not right, maybe there's something dodgy in the restaurant? Maybe it's the waitress who sets it all off? I don't know, but it is quite funny to watch, and I always laugh at the bald guy with the cowboy hat, even though I know it's coming up, I can't help but laugh.

As for the ending, it's quite heart-breaking, she's had a rough day at work, and she comes out and see her now ex-boyfriend there with some flowers, next few seconds you realise he's waiting for someone else, and you get a bit angered by it. Which shows you connect with the main character.

Overall this music video is definitely really good, and interesting, I could watch it again and again, while listening to that amazing song. I'm surprised it only got to number 9, but then again at least it didn't do worse. I'm knocking one star off, purely because not everything in that restaurant is right, and it's just a bit on the weird side.