We Are The In Crowd - Both Sides Of The Story

March 09, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

We Are The In Crowd are a five-piece rock band, but what makes them stand out is the fact that they have two vocalists. They consist of Taylor Jardine, Jordan Eckes, Mike Ferri, Rob Chianelli and Cameron Hurley. They are quickly becoming known, and especially on here with the amount of blog posts I've already done. As you may be aware of DJD is a big fan of theirs, and I'm really interested what this band has coming up, I just know they're going to get onto the UK chart fairly soon.

This song was their first ever single, it is also the most played video from this band on the music channels. This is the first video I ever saw from this band, and I've been looking forward to reviewing it. The song was written by the band, with pretty surprising lyrics such as: "you're not quite Satan, but I really think I hate you".

The music video is an act of pure genius, and I don't see them topping it any time soon. I think it may have been on the low-budget side, especially since it was their first music video, but it's done amazingly and I don't know whether to laugh until I fall over or be grossed out by it. It's just incredible and well made.

I love the use of the social network site: Twitter. And I like the use of people (possibly fans) that are included in the video. There are very memorable parts, such as the guy sitting next to Taylor who picks his nose then eats it; to the guy who has a Japanese tattoo that was meant to say Peace, but instead says Pervert.

There's some bits that don't fit very well, such as the degrading music videos clip, and the Patronus at the end where he's a magician... It just doesn't quite add up. As for the performance side of things, I have to laugh at some of the comments on the video, such as Jordan's tight leg-ware and the fact that people are agreeing that they'll never love anyone more than they love music.

Overall I like this music video lots, but some of the clips don't necessarily add to the video and there could have been better clips. I kind of feel sorry for Cameron Hurley who had to step into the muck... Was it the luck of the straw? Anyway, this music video is well created, and is worthy of 5 stars however because not everything fits as well as it should I'm going to give it this rating.