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May 23, 2012 Critic Jonni 3 Comments

Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, has been hitting our screens for quite some time, she is definitely a worldwide star. She is from Romania, and they almost had her for Eurovision 2012, however she was touring, and wouldn't have been able to do it, so instead Romania used their usual selecting process. Also something has changed recently. Inna has released 4 singles recently under Roton Romania Records, here in the UK, all of which had no music video release and zero promotion. She used to release under 3beat, who has served her pretty well, making sure the music video is played a lot on the music channels, and then releasing the song at the best possible moment. I am unsure of what is actually going on. 3 months ago 3beat released the music video to "Club Rocker" on to YouTube, but there's no news on a release as of yet, does this mean she's swapped record labels? I don't know. But if she is going to release in the UK she really needs to promote a lot more.

"Amazing" was written by Sebastian Barac, Radu Bolfea and Marcel Botezan. It was the second single to be released, and I remember going out and buying the CD single.  Her most recent release is "Un Momento" under 3beat, which I reviewed on here. She is definitely one of my favourite dance artists, alongside Basshunter, Cascada and Alexandra Stan. But could she quickly disappear from the UK as quickly as she appeared? With next to zero promotion, how on earth she is going to get those important chart hits, I don't know.

This music video is a little surprising after "Hot", especially since it's a beach scene, whereas "Hot" was set in a club. Although, we end up expecting this sexy side of Inna as her further music videos are willing to shock. There isn't a lot going on but it's interesting to watch. I especially like the comment on YouTube that says "These cameramen have the best job ever", that just made me laugh lots.

Inna is surfing until she gets knocked over by a wave, and an 'amazing' lifeguard comes and saves her. I'm not sure who the lifeguard is played by, but if someone could find out and show a reference for it I'll happily add it in this blog post. I presume the song is about the lifeguard, as that is the only prominent male person in the video.

I have to comment on the beach shower, I don't know about overseas, but I've never seen one of them before this video, there's none in the UK, as far as I know, but to be honest I haven't been to every beach in the UK, maybe there is one about somewhere. But now these showers are popping up everywhere, there's one in Cascada's "Summer Of Love" and I'm sure I've seen others in other videos.

Overall it's a good sexy video, which we have learned to expect from Inna. To be honest, compared to other videos this one isn't that over the top. I am a big fan of hers, and I hope she manages to keep charting in the UK, and hopefully manage to promote a new single. I am also hoping that a UK tour will pop up soon, as I will definitely be there. I really don't want to see this girl disappear from the UK music channels, so keep strong Inna, and start promoting over here.
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  1. please find who's playing the lifeguard. I can't find it anywhere.

    1. I keep on looking and can't find out either, but will keep trying! :)

    2. I'm waiting for good news :)