Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

May 22, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Justin Bieber has finally appeared on my blog, there was absolutely nothing on the music channels today, and this music video was the only one I took an interest to. Then all the music videos after this one I had already previously reviewed. I'm not much of a fan of Justin Bieber, although I do commemorate him for being a great singer, and managing to sell a lot of records. He has never had a number one in the UK before, however this is his highest charting position to date, charting at number two. He is currently going out with Selena Gomez, and has been for over a year.

"Boyfriend" was written by Mike Posner, Justin Bieber, Matthew Musto and Mason Levy. I'm surprised to see another singer's name pop up in the writing credits, which is Mike Posner, he sang "Cooler Than Me". Could Justin Bieber have written this for Selena Gomez? It is definitely one of those songs you expect Justin Timberlake to sing, and it's extremely different to what is actually about at the moment, sometimes that is a good thing, when others it's not so good, but with the Justin Bieber's fans (aka Bieber Fever), it looks like he can never release a bad song, and even if he did, it'll still do well on the charts no matter what.

This music video seems extremely short. It finished, and I was like, is that it? However it's over 3 minutes long, which is the amount of time most music videos are. So was I so intently watching it that time passed me by so quickly? Or was I expecting something better?

They could have done a lot with this music video, it could have been a narrative storyline, there could be a lot more choreography... However they decided to make it subtly sexy, or try to at least, but I don't think it's paid off, we're left with wanting something more. The double start is a little on the infuriating side, as the singing really stand out from his rapping, therefore choreography could have been built in. So we have to wait a whole minute until he starts to sing, which would normally be okay, but in the video not much is happening.

Before the video was released, there was camera shots released online, showing Justin Bieber near flames, and under water and various other scenes that other critics had commented on. Some were excited about the video and others were saying it could be a little on the erotic side which wouldn't be good for his fan base. Before the release of this music video, it got scrapped and this one was filmed and released. Could it be possible that they were not too happy with the feedback from the previous video? What ever happened to taking a chance? No wonder this video seems simplistic and restrained. Personally, by the looks of the shots and the thoughts of other critics, I think I would have preferred the previous music video.

Overall it's an average music video, not much going on, and it leaves you wanting more, there's a few choreography scenes interspersed throughout but not enough, I wanted to see additional dancing scenes. However it's quite a catchy song, so I understand why it got to number two.
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