Ke$ha - TiK ToK

May 24, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This music video appeared on the music channels this morning, and it put me in such a uplifting mood, I was ready for this blissful sun, and this was the song that got me in such a great mood.

Ke$ha has yet to reach her peak, she is still starting up, and I hope she releases something outstanding soon. Her real name is Kesha Sebert. She has appeared in and out of the UK charts, yet she is much bigger in the USA.

"TiK ToK" was her first solo single. And she got number ones here there and everywhere, however for the UK she got to number 4, although there was a lot of airplay and music channel play. The song was written by Kesha Serbert, Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke) and Benjamin Levin (Benny Blanco). Both the latter songwriters have appeared on my blog endlessly, they are the ones who create the biggest hits, and you just aren't surprised that a song is written by them, as they are that well known. I am glad to see Ke$ha's name in the writing credits, showing that it is her own song, and it explains why this song is the way it is. According to various sources across the internet, P. Diddy did in fact provide the two lined vocals on the track right at the start.

The music video is a total joy to watch, it contains everything you possibly need, it's narrative and performance at the same time, how can you not enjoy it? There is a lot to like about this music video, and I could talk for hours upon hours about this video, but I'm going to cut it down.

I love the start, using remnants of the night before with her waking up in a bath. I like how the video footage links in perfectly with the lyrics such as when she sings "Pedicure on my toes" there is footage of her pedicure on her toes. I also love the shocked faces of the family when she walks down the stairs near the start of the music video, clearly it's not her house. I like how it's an exact replica of the lyrics, this was probably an easy video to come up with, and easily represented, I bet it blew all the other ideas out of the water.

Again we see a boombox, which seems to be popular lately, so it's interesting to see if they come back into fashion in the future. I like the use of the boys which matches perfectly with the lyrics "And now the dudes are lining up cuz they hear we got swagger, but we kick them to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger" hence, comes in "Barry" played by Simon Rex, who drives a "1978 Trans Am". The ending is just perfect, as she ends up in a bath once again, ready for the next amazing night.

Overall, this song surprisingly didn't get to number one in the UK, but it will always be one of my top songs, and perfect for this kind of weather (which is really hot, for the UK). The accompanying music video is perfect, and there is nothing bad I can say about it. It contains everything a music video should have, and is definitely worth this rating.
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