Italy Entry: Nina Zilli - L'Amore è Femmina (Out Of Love)

May 29, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Nina Zilli, real name Maria Fraschetta, has got my 2nd spot on my top 7, please remember the order of my top 7 is in order of which they placed in the Eurovision Song Contest. Nina Zilli performed for Italy, and managed to come 9th, which is a great position to get. She reminds me a lot of the late Amy Winehouse, she not only looks like her, but she sounds quite like her too. And this is definitely the sort of song I could see Amy singing. Nina Zilli is a great singer, she has already made a name for herself in Italy getting some pretty high charting positions, but can she do as well in the rest of Europe? There's no sign of her charting this Sunday on the UK chart, but that doesn't mean she won't. At the end of the day, I think she should have a crack of it, I'm sure the UK will bring her in, and I can see her doing pretty well elsewhere as well. I wish Nina Zilli the best of luck.

The song was originally written by Christian Rabb, Kristoffer Sjökvist, Frida Molander and Charlie Mason. They wrote the song in English, however Nina Zilli then translated it into Italian for her album. Then when she released it for the Eurovision, she decided to sing it in both English and Italian. I love it when you watch singers on the Eurovision who has sung a song in 2 or more different languages, they make it seem effortless, but then again, it probably is when you are fluent in those languages, it's only difficult when you aren't.

This music video isn't too bad, but it's not great either, it's another pure performance piece with artistic choreography, and an extremely catchy tune. It kind of reminds me of the old jazz/pop music videos where the singer didn't do much and the dancers had quite a lot of choreography. It also reminds me of the classic musicals where the main character is lifted and moved, with not much choreography. This links in well with the sort of song this is.

It was definitely more entertaining than the Eurovision performance, however the latter was more interesting as it portrayed the song, perfectly. This is lacking somewhat, I have watched this video 4 times already, hoping I'd come up with something more to write about , but there isn't a lot going on.

I like how they've made Nina Zilli stand out, one scene she has ginger hair, that makes her noticable and makes her that little bit more interesting, and then those dancers are in bright coloured shirts with a white overcoat, that emphasises Nina Zilli, they also make her quite sexy too.

Overall a great, upbeat song and a not bad music video to go with it. What would have made this video much better would be making Nina Zilli do some more complicated choreography, maybe include a narrative, maybe make it look on the old side to go with this song. Although, this music video works pretty well, I have to give this rating, I wish I could give more.