New Release: Inna - Endless

09 July Critic Jonni 2 Comments

Hi all, I AM BACK! I've been away from this blog for quite some time due to revision for exams, then straight after that I went on holiday to Turkey. But I am back with plenty of ideas, and ready to get blogging. I come off holiday and I check when my favourite songs are going to be released, I noticed the date for Inna's song "Endless" was this week, but I had to double check on iTunes, and sure enough this single is now ready to buy! But it's not on the iTunes top 100 yet, the reason being is that not enough people in the UK realises she has a new single. Look at when "Sun Is Up" was released, the music video was circling on the music channels for a good 3 months beforehand, and the same goes with the radio. However this video is rarely shown and I have very little faith in hearing it on the radio. I had a few problems with Inna's releasing recently as quite a few singles have popped up on iTunes under the label Roton Romania. However I've managed to understand why. They were purely promotional singles that were released world wide (apparently; I have very little sources to back that up). However she is still under 3beat records and this is her new single... By the looks of things "Club Rocker" got dropped, as 3beat did plan on releasing it, and I'm sure I saw it pop up on a music channel, but clearly they swapped singles, however Club Rocker may be released in the UK in the future.

I am a big Inna fan, her real name is Elena Apostoleanu, I just wish she would do more promotion in the UK, and get those chart topping hits she clearly deserves. "Endless" is her new single, I wasn't sure about the song when I first heard it, but it's grown on me a lot, also I heard the song a lot in Turkey, they are pretty obsessed with Inna, I couldn't go a complete day without hearing one of her songs. Endless was written by Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan and Radu Bolfea (also known as Play & Win who are a production group who have also released a few songs and remixes). This is definitely the sort of song that would appeal to the UK; however I'm sure "Club Rocker" would have appealed more, but guess we won't know until they are both release. Will this song chart? It's doubtful, with next to no promotion, and very little music chart play, I don't see it getting very far, but I'm sure her fans will be doing everything they can to get the single all the sales it needs, I am hoping it does get onto the UK top 100 at least.

This music video is quite surprising, at first glance it's one of the videos you put to the side, but it's not until your second watch you realise that there's more behind it than what you think and there is a lot to like about this specific video. It basically sticks up for women and how some relationships can become aggressive, maybe not physically but definitely verbally abusive at times.

Inna shows how something can be done about it, and that sometimes identifying something is wrong is usually the first step. I love how they've portrayed it, it's like Inna is reflecting over the relationship with the male actor (who, yet again I have no clue who he is, he must have a name, but I can't find it on the Internet, this is the second music video of Inna's that I don't know who the guy is, the other one being "Amazing"). They show clips of the good times and the bad times. And at the end she ends the relationship. It's nice to know that she is showing what problems can occur, and that there is ways of getting out of it.

So without being biased I shall decide on my rating, the storyline isn't shown that clearly, but then again I like how it's implicit. The song really shows off her vocals, and it becomes catchy after a while. There isn't a lot going on but there doesn't need to be. So this is the rating I think it deserves and I'm hoping more people will download this song!


  1. Who is the guy in the crazy sexy wild-video?

    1. Hi there, as far as I am aware of, none of the actors in Inna's videos gets named, I have never found out who they are, and I don't think we ever will. However I will not stop looking, and hope that at least one of them gets revealed.

      Critic Jonni