Don Omar Featuring Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro

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As most of you probably know, I was on holiday last week in Turkey. In our hotel from about 10am our entertainer guy for the hotel would play song after song after song, so people don't fall asleep on the sun beds. My brother (CamCam) was complaining at the fact that it was all dance music songs with no rap songs at all, and very little British artists. This song was played almost every day, and it's easily very catchy, it's a worldwide hit, and probably the only song from these 2 artists that will hit the UK. Don Omar, real name William Riveria, also goes under the name of El Ray, as he does in this video, has been releasing songs since 2003 but this is his first single to chart in the UK. Will he try and chart here again? It's possible but it depends if the song is catchy enough. This song features Lucenzo, real name Luís Oliveira, who has been about since 2008, he seems to be one of these artists that will be around for quite some time, and will be trying his best to become a worldwide hit.

"Danza Kudro" is the most known version of this song... A lot of people believe it is the original but they aren't quite right... There have been 3 versions of this song. The original is sung by Lucenzo Featuring Big Ali and it is called "Vem Dançar Kuduro", the video can be found below on the left side. Then this song was created by Don Omar featuring Lucenzo. Then the song gets developed again... This time by Qwote Featuring Lucenzo and Pitbull this final version was sung in English and released in the UK as "Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up)" this video can also be found at the bottom, but on the right side. Personally, I prefer this version, I think the reason is because I've heard it so many times. The 3rd version's lyrics seems rushed as if they don't quite fit with the song. And as for the original... I'm not sure I like the inclusion of Big Ali. But what do you guys think? I can understand how people have jumped on to the bandwagon of this amazing song, and have made it that little bit better and more marketable for specific countries. Danza and Kuduro are two types of genre of music hence where the name comes from. This song was written by Don Omar, Lucenzo, Faouze Barkati and Fabrice Toigo.

The music video is your usual up-beat dance music video, it's what you used to expect before the likes of Basshunter and Cascada. And I'm not quite sure if I'm into this music video. I'm sure I could go on to YouTube and find quite a few similar videos, which makes this typical dance music video quite boring.

The video shows Don Omar and Lucenzo as millionaires with girls dancing around them. At one point the girls are dancing to a set of choreography on the beach, the dance is similar to the big choreography shown in the music video of the original song: "Vam Dançar Kuduro".

This video is extremely lacking, it is showing off wealth of some people, and this can be shown as arrogant. The song is extremely catchy, and that is why I may be willing to let the video off. But I don't see how it links in with the song, With inclusions of a big yacht and a mansion and an expensive car... I just don't see the need for it. The original song's music video is definitely my favourite music video, whereas the third music video is more of an adaption of this one.

This is the original music video Lucenzo Featuring Big Ali - Vem Dançar Kuduro

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This is the 3rd and final version of this song, Qwote Featuring Lucenzo and Pitbull - Danza Kuduro (Throw Your Hands Up)

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