Chico - It's Chico Time

August 28, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Well this is a bit embarrassing right? Please bare in mind that I was only 12, and so I decided to cheer on Chico, now as I'm older and I look back on it, I realise it was done on purpose to attract the younger audience watching. Chico, real name Yousseph "Chico" Slimani, has had a bit of success, I think quite a lot of people are aware of who he is. He got a number one single with his first song "It's Chico Time", but since then he has gone on to release a couple more singles which got a bit of popularity, and an album which failed to chart. From then on he has been popping up on a variety of reality shows, from "CelebAir" to "Dancing on Ice". Will he return to music? It's doubtful since he keeps popping up on TV Shows and it looks like he is setting out on a film career, but I wouldn't put it past him to try again in the future.

It's Chico Time was written by Mark Hudson, with the help of Chico. It was first sung live on The X Factor during the live shows. The second series of the X Factor gave us a few more stars than the 1st series, these include: Shayne Ward (Winner), Andy Abraham (second), Journey South (third), Brenda Edwards (fourth), Chico (fifth), Maria Lawson (eighth), and a few more as well. This song got to number one, and most recently Chico re-released it under a new name called "It's England's Time" with all proceeds going to charity, however it failed to chart.

The music video is definitely low-budget, clearly it didn't matter since it got to the top spot. It's a pure performance piece, with still a catchy tune, believe it or not. There is a lot of children in the video that must hate seeing the video right now, it is on the embarrassing side!

There's not a lot going on, there's a big choreography scene which makes the song more appealing, especially for children as it isn't too difficult to follow the dance steps, and I have to commemorate the video for being able to teach the kids how to copy the dance moves, although I doubt many will realise. I also like the reference of the clock at the end!

Overall, I believe the song is still catchy, it's definitely stuck in my head, but the video is lacking, I know that it's low budget, but some low budget music videos still look amazing. This is clearly missing a lot and not many people will go out of their way to watch it, especially the kids who performed in the video!