Rita Ora - How We Do (Party)

August 06, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Rita Ora has captured the UK in one sweep gaining 2 number ones in a few months, she is definitely the girl who's hitting the UK hard, she is being compared to Rihanna all the time, but could she shake that comparison in the future? This is her second single to be released in the UK and everyone is talking about it, could it be her third number one in a row? It's quite possible, although it is difficult to do nowadays, especially with the number one changing every few weeks, it's just rare to always expect an artist to top the UK chart, but if anyone can do it it's got to be Rita Ora. But she has competition on her hands as the week she releases this song, a number of popular artists also releases the same week and they could potentially grab that top spot, it sure will be an interesting week.

"How We Do (Party)" was written by a huge range of songwriters because it samples "Party and Bullshit" which was a single released in 1993 by Notorious B.I.G. So here goes nothing. The people involved in writing the song were Alex Delicata, Andrew Davidson, Jermaine Jackson, Andrew Harr, Berry Gordy Jr., Bob West, Bonnie McKee, Christopher Wallace (Notorious B.I.G.), Hal Davis, Kelly Sheehan, Osten Harvey Jr., Sean Davidson and Willie Hutch. It seems the more songwriters that collaborate the bigger the hit, I can so see this going straight to the top just like "R.I.P." and "Hot Right Now".

This music video isn't the best, it's basically a huge party that Rita Ora is a part of, and it's showing exactly how they do. There's so much going on, but then also there isn't and this is exactly why I've been finding it difficult to review as there's so much I could comment on but there's little going on.

So let's keep it short and sweet, I like the cut off bit in the middle where you here her say "On that note party and bullshit". I also like the bit when she hits the balloon, that looks like a total unexpected, unrehearsed clip but done so well they kept it in. Other bits such as when the guy throws paint over "God save the queen" seems a bit stupid and doesn't relate, it felt like they were showing off. The UV lighting was unexpected, again doesn't relate exactly but makes this video more interesting.

Overall an extremely catchy song, and it's accompanying music video fits nicely, I could talk about all the little things for ages, but we'll all just get bored as there is little going on, maybe they thought that they didn't need to do a great video because the song's amazing no matter what. But at least it isn't totally different from the song.