Shakira Featuring Dizzee Rascal - Loca

August 04, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Shakira, real name Shakira Ripoll, has never made it on my blog before I decided to do this Collaboration Special., guess she just isn't as big over in the UK as she is everywhere else, especially since this catchy little song failed to chart in the UK, or maybe it wasn't even released... She has a very unique voice, one that if you hear it on the radio you'd be able to identify it within seconds. She released 2 versions of "Loca" one being a Spanish version featuring El Cata, and an English version featuring Dizzee Rascal. Since I live in the UK and only speak English I have decided to review the English version. The Spanish version can be found below. Dizzee Rascal, real name Dylan Mills, is one of those British rappers who has had quite a few number ones for songs that are easily forgettable, in my opinion, which seems a little disappointing, but he is coming back soon with new songs that are definitely going to be chart worthy, let's hope they're memorable too.

"Loca" was written by Shakira, Edward Bello (El Cata), Armando Pérez (Pitbull) and Dylan Mills (Dizzee Rascal). Which is definitely quite a collaboration, and I'm surprised to see Pitbull once again. Again the artist has written the song, hence why she sings it so well, I also like how it shows us a bit of her personality as she is singing about being crazy, which she is from various news reports we have heard about in the last 1-3 years that has had me surprised and laughing.

This music video was set in Barcelona, Spain. It shows her being crazy as we have all come to expect, and we sure do like it. She roller skates, she rides a motorcycle and she dances in a public fountain. However being crazy doesn't mean you have to throw all safety aside, she ended up going on a motorcycle with no helmet (which is against the law in Spain), and she didn't get any permits to film or to jump in the fountain, hence law suits was probably going to happen, but as far as I know nothing really came of it. But then again it does come from being crazy, however doesn't that encourage people to do the same?

Overall I haven't got much to say about this video, the song is catchy, and the video matches the song, but I don't believe in teaching kids to disregard rules, at the end of the day she should've been fined for what she did and we as the public should have known about it, on the other hand it may not have been Shakira's fault at all, maybe it was the director or someone else entirely, she's crazy, we like it but don't throw safety out the window!