Tyler James - Foolish

15 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Today I was struggling for a music video to review, so once again I went on the music channels, and guess what I saw, this exact video was being shown on a "best of the boys" show. I was so surprised I couldn't resist but tweet about it. Tyler James, most recently, appeared on The Voice UK, he didn't win, but he came very close, and he was technically brilliant. However, his life has been really difficult, not only did he release an album which spawned 3 singles and then was subsequently dropped from the label, he also lost one of his best friends; who was, in fact, Amy Winehouse. I would bet that she was looking down on Tyler during The Voice UK and she was helping him along the way. I know he is going to have an amazing career very soon, and I cannot wait for his new material. I also could see him being a werewolf in Twilight or some other vampire film/TV show, he would definitely look the part.

"Foolish" was the second single released from Tyler's debut album The Unlikely Lad. It was definitely his best selling single and he even performed it on Top Of The Pops, do you remember that programme? I kind of really want it to return, been missing it for ages now! It got to number 16 on the UK chart, which is currently his highest chart position to date, but he's going to knock that position out of the park soon with his upcoming songs, they're bound to be chart hits!

Now this music video actually links in with the style of this song. If I heard this song without seeing the video, I would really think of this sort of performance. But does Tyler James pull it off? Or does it not work out exactly the way it should do?

This is totally a performance piece, no sign of any narrative sections, which is quite interesting since I'm used to a performance piece being in front of a crowd while the artist is on tour. However this is totally set produced. To be honest, in an overall sense, it seems like a good top-notch music video, however it doesn't turn out that great.

We see all 4 girls, a few more here and there, and they really aren't that great at dancing are they? Those flirtatious poses, if you can call them that, was disastrous. I can't help but laugh every time I see it. As for Tyler, he does a great job at keeping in one place, and he looks smart and in-style at the same time. However we are still greeted with those awkward dance moves, or should I say aeroplane wings? I think in his future music videos that there should be an on-screen choreographer, just to instruct him how to move, because nothing has changed. This was released in 2005 and it's now 2012 and during The Voice UK he did the exact same thing.

Overall a great song that is incredibly catchy, and an accompanying music video that fits in well with what you would've expected from this song (which makes a change), however there is many small problems that can been a bit on the obvious side. On the other hand, this may have been low-budget, and I commemorate them for making a music video that we sort of expect, without being typical.