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August 10, 2012 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

I was initially planning on writing a review for this song today, and then out of nowhere I get an anonymous request for me to review this music video.

Wiley, real name Richard Cowie, has been going for a number of years, he is also one of the band members of Roll Deep. He hasn't been quite so successful, his albums seem to get low charting positions, and as for his singles, "Wearing My Rolex" was his best single which got to number 2. This song has beaten that and is currently settled at the top of the charts, but I can see Rita Ora knocking this song off next week with "How We Do (Party)". Ms D is a new solo singer, her real name is Dayo Olatunji, she has sung on Chipmunk's song "Oopsy Daisy" but it was uncredited. That too got to number one, looks like Ms D is currently on a winning streak, but can she keep it up? Especially when she might be releasing her own music pretty soon.

"Heatwave" was written by Richard Cowie, making this song his own. This is one of a few reasons why it managed to get to the top of the chart, and defend itself against Calvin Harris and Example's "We'll Be Coming Back". In my opinion both songs aren't as good as many others that have been released, I admit it is quite catchy if you hear it a few times, which everyone does thanks to the radio, but there are definitely far better songs available. This is definitely a Marmite song, most people will like it, but there will be a large minority that don't.

This type of music video is the sort of thing I dislike. I feel like I'm watching an old Pitbull music video or a Flo Rida music video, it's typical and expected, it's been done before. It kind of makes it seem safe, the sort of video you just make with hardly any thought going into it.

My biggest problem with this is that Ms D does not feature in this at all, instead she is replaced by models? And it gives off the impression that they are Ms D, which then really annoys me because she did give important vocals to this track. Where is she?

And that is all I have to say, there is no narrative, however it does fit in with the song, since they filmed it in a hot country, suggesting a heatwave. But there's nothing to this, it makes it an average music video, that you watch because you like the song, not because the video is great. I really am getting bored of seeing these sorts of videos, change the record (or should I say video?) So I have no choice but give this rating, it would be higher if Ms D appeared, but there's no sign of her!
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  1. I agree, while on paper the video fits in with the song and gives a good summer feeling, it was a bit strange having two models seemingly singing the chorus.

    Ms.D was not in the video, and neither was one single black female.

    Also agree that having a guy surrounded by hundreds of half naked women dancing around in a pool is getting old now.

    Meh it is a great video, but not when you look into it too much