Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love

September 04, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cheryl was the second artist judge to appear on The X Factor and so it's only right I use her for my X Factor Special. She has also already released a song this week called "Under The Sun" and so has given me the chance to spread this special over two weeks, and luckily for Cheryl she gets to appear twice. She wants to now be known as Cheryl, however when this song was released she was known as Cheryl Cole and so for the title for this post I decided to stick to her name to which this song was released. She appeared as a judge for 3 years and then left to appear on The X Factor US, but was soon fired not long after. She is one-fifth of girl band Girls Aloud, the other members being Nicola Roberts, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding and Kimberley Walsh.

"Fight For This Love" was written by Wayne Wilkins, Steve Kipner and Andre Merritt. This was Cheryl's first single and it soon became an international hit gaining high chart numbers across the globe, however it was never released in the US, although I reckon it would've charted high there too. Cheryl has recently expressed her interest in cracking the US, and plans on doing so soon, with the help of Will.I.Am. I hope she manages to do just that.

This music video is low budget, and it looks like they spent a lot of the money they had on backing dancers and the editing team, but that is fine and perfect because this music video is stripped back, and just great. Although there are little bad things, it works out good and you see Cheryl right there exactly the way she is.

There is a lot of choreography used and she's such a great dancer that they sort of needed to include it. I like the use of the words and suggesting that she's fighting for something, although there is one annoying thing, and that is when she salutes, she uses the American salute instead of the British salute. I understand that it is a common misconception, but it should start to be corrected about now right?

Overall a catchy song that charted well, it's accompanying music video is stripped back and you see the real Cheryl, however if they had used a bit more money they could have made this music video out-standing, but guess they didn't expect Cheryl to do as well as she did.