Double Take - Hot Problems

22 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have officially never heard this song ever, one of the people from uni played this song and claimed it as the worst song ever, and yes it is pretty dreadful, but also it's annoyingly catchy too, just like Rebecca Black's "Friday". Double Take are a two piece group consisting of Drew Garrett and Lauren Wiley. They have released 3 singles thus far, announcing that they are not very good singers, and would like to become song writers. "Hot Problems" was written by the duo and failed to chart anywhere, however somehow they managed to release two more singles, will they release more? We'll have to wait and see.

This music video is a pure performance piece, which all takes place in the back of a limousine, for some unknown reason. The lip-syncing isn't that great either, and they definitely could've done a lot more with this video, it's not even that relatable to the song.

A narrative would've worked a lot better, and there is even scenes where they show the city in which they are driving around, again it doesn't fit in. The only thing I like about this video is that Old Bailey Productions has written in the description of the YouTube video: "Old Bailey Productions did not create any of the audio or lyrics for this video." However they must have been a part of the video, and the video is just as bad, clearly they're embarrassed about the song, maybe it was their way to try and make a fortune, clearly it failed.

Overall an annoyingly catchy song with a music video that is totally out of place. However there are worst videos out there, and this is more of a safe easy video hence why I haven't chosen the lowest rating. The 1* music videos can be found on this blog, if you look hard enough!