Eagle-Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

October 30, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Eagle-Eye Cherry is a Swedish singer, who is in theory a one-hit wonder in the UK. Everyone knows this song, and although it didn't quite get to number one, people do know what the song is called and it is extremely catchy.

Believe it or not, Eagle-Eye Cherry is his actual name. He got it from when he was born; he opened one eye and looked at his father, and that is where he got his name.

"Save Tonight" is one of those songs that will never go away, it is one that will always fit into society, no matter what year it is, as it has that longevity that other songs are missing. Will Eagle-Eye Cherry ever manage to sing another hit song? Who knows? But this song has made him, and no matter what he will always be remembered as the guy who originally sung "Save Tonight".

The music video is very clever. I cringed at the thought of watching a black & white music video, it's just something I don't like watching, however it makes it look more detailed, and surprisingly heightened my interest.

I like how he is all the characters and that it looks like they film this in one consecutive run, however that is pretty impossible, clearly filming was paused and they edited it.

The only thing I have with this music video is that it is too low-budget, it's not something I would willingly go out of my way to watch, however I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

The song keeps getting into the UK chart year after year. We really need someone to cover the song on a TV show, and it could possibly sore high enough on the charts to beat it's top position of number six. The music video needs to be updated. However, it's fun and different.