Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

October 31, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Britney, Britney, Britney. What else can I add to this blog post, that I haven't added in previous posts? I just feel like I'm going to keep on repeating myself. So let's start with what's new... She is a judge/mentor on The X Factor US, which I have been watching, and I'm definitely rooting for Britney's Teens, however the UK is one episode behind the US, so please don't spoil what happens for me. She has been through a lot in her life, and I really like how this video shows the stages of her life.

"Hold It Against Me" was written by Max Martin, Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke), Bonnie McKee and Mattieu Jomphe (Billboard). The song was almost given to Katy Perry, but they decided it wasn't a "Katy Perry song". It's extremely catchy and very different to what we expect from these amazing song-writers. The single was pushed forward as demand was high for it, even in the UK. However it peaked at number six on the UK chart. It deserved higher. Will Britney ever get a new number one? She hasn't got there since "Everytime" was released back in 2004 (almost 10 years ago now). It shows she's not quite fully back just yet, but I bet we'll see her top the charts once again in the next few years.

This music video doesn't link in with the song,. however it does show Britney is back. It shows her life and how she has battled through it, and she isn't going to give up.

I like the progression that this video gives. We see her as a strong, on-her-game sort of person that represents the late 1990's, where she was on top. Then things start to go wrong, showing her meltdown. I like the use of Britney fighting herself, representing her fighting her inner demons, trying to hang in there. She collapses, every Britney falls to the floor. Showing her breakdown. But she gets back up again showing she is back and ready to get back on top again. The question mark at the end means the future is what you make it, and that there is a future for Britney.

I like how we see all her past music videos as well. And it's extremely brave to show her breakdown. It proves that she realises it's a part of her past, and although she isn't proud of it, she has to accept it to move forward, and that is exactly what she is doing. Again we see a couple of references, one of Madonna's music video "Bedtime Story", a reference to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and there is also a reference to the paparazzi who just won't leave her alone.

Overall a very catchy song that should've charted higher. The music video doesn't link in that well with the song, however there is product placement, from Sony TVs, "Make Up For Ever" and "PlentyofFish", the latter adding into the meaning of the song, so it is there. Now what should my rating be? Since this video is superb and the only thing I can find wrong with it is not linking with the song all that well, I have no choice but to give it the rating it clearly deserves.