Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight

29 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Friendly Fires are a three-piece English band consisting of Ed Macfarlane, Jack Savidge and Edd Gibson. Their highest charting single is "Kiss Of Life" which got to number 30. However I know this song more than any of the others, but I think it took it's time to become popular, and therefore that's why it didn't chart so well the first time around. "Live Those Days Tonight" is an extremely catchy song, and I tend to be hearing a lot nowadays.

This music video is really not something I was expecting. I have heard this song so many times and I was expecting something very good, but this just looks like a fan-made music video, and it's missing a lot.

Hands up! I can't even find more than one good thing to say about this video, however they have got something right, and that's the link in with the song. The clips all show what it was like back in the '80's ('89 to be specific according to YouTube). However everything else is wrong.

There is no narrative, no performance, nothing. We don't even see the band. Also if you look into more detail about the lyrics "I'll live those days tonight", where's tonight? All we see is clips from the late 80's and what we supposedly "missed out on".

And that is all I have to say, the song is catchy and stuck in my head, and will probably be there for the next few days and then some. But I'm extremely disappointed with the video, and although I can actually find one good point, it's just not enough to budge this rating up. If I was rating the song it would get five stars, but because the rating is based on the video alone, I'm giving it a totally different rating.