Infernal - From Paris To Berlin

November 01, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Infernal is a duo band consisting of Lina Rafn and Paw Lagermann. They have been releasing since 1997, but have only had 3 singles enter the UK chart. Believe it or not, they aren't giving up in the UK, or worldwide for that matter. One quick look on iTunes shows that they are still releasing their music in the UK and everywhere else. So how come it's not charting? Well a number of things: a) music channels aren't playing their music videos which leads on to, b) the band isn't promoting it so there's also no promotion from the music videos, c) even hearsay isn't getting around. Their music is apparently good but the band needs to promote it with appearances on TV shows, or a better record label.

"From Paris To Berlin" was written by Adam Powers, Paw Langermann and Lina Rafn. It caught on really quickly and managed to get to number two, just missing out on the top spot. It got covered for the World Cup 2006 with the title changed to "From London To Berlin" however it was pulled from radio after England got knocked out.

The music video reminds me a lot of Avicii Featuring Sebastien Drums song "My Feelings For You". It has that old game style to it, however if it were re-made the music video would look a lot better, but not too different.

I like the story line and fits perfectly with the song. I like how they added the game style to it, however the ending is pretty sad, as she has been searching for this guy she clearly likes and he's not even real.

Overall a great song, another one of those that should've been number one and just missed out. As for the music video, you can tell it didn't take much to create, and it's a little on the patchy side. Therefore I am knocking one star off.