Inna - Love

02 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Inna's real name is Elena Apostoleanu. You all knew this one was coming, because she is finally releasing her most recent album "I Am The Club Rocker" next week in the UK. Will it actually chart well, I hope so. However the only promotion for it is hearsay over twitter, and that is it. And not many people know about its release. So I doubt it will chart high, although I hoping I'm proven wrong.

"Love" was written by Sebastian Barac, Radu Bolfea and Marcel Botezan. It is Inna's second single not to reach the UK top 200 after "10 Minutes". Now her count is four, 3beat Productions really need to do something quick with both Inna and Alexandra Stan as these brilliant artists just aren't making the charts, and that is because there is no promotion at all, so people are unaware that they have released new singles.

This music video is different to what you expect from the song, however I think it works and fits well, however it is quite on the unclear side, so much so that you don't quite know what is going on unless you've watched it a few times.

It seems quite on the low budget side, which is understandable since Inna can't possibly have great video after great video.

It has 4 main characters, a ballerina, a boxer, a martial arts person, and a staff person. They represent the good, whereas the characters dressed in black represent evil. Inna's in the middle, she's wearing white with a black belt. And although good is meant to be good, they are fighting the evil, fighting comes under evil right? And I think that is why Inna becomes confused, clearly not everything is black and white.

Overall a great song that should've at least charted. The music video shows Inna dancing, but I wouldn't call that dancing, maybe a few turns and hair whips. There's not a lot going on in the video and doesn't exactly link. However I do like the concept and the idea behind it.