New Release: Kids In Glass Houses - Secret Santa

December 17, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Kids In Glass Houses has gone back to what they were and truly are back with a fun little Christmas song, which is perfect to kick off my Christmas 2012 special. As I have mentioned a dozen times before, but I shall again, I met these guys at the 2008 Paramore tour in Birmingham with Tink09 and Hollagram Star, they were a support act, who we had never ever heard of and they came out and greeted the Paramore fans waiting outside. The band consists of Aled Phillips, Iain Mahanty, Philip Jenkins, Joel Fisher and Andrew Shay. They haven't had much of a charting success, and their most recent singles have failed to chart. Their highest charting single charted at number 62 with "Give Me What I Want" and "Undercover Lover (Featuring Frankie Sandford)". But this song is climbing up and up and might be their best charting single! I have to admit, I like the fun side of this song, they clearly did it because they wanted to, and it feels like their previous music that charted, so could this show what we are to expect from them with their new album?

This music video is an insight into the Kids In Glass Houses Christmas party, and I really want to be there. It looks like a lot of fun, and relates to the song perfectly, including an out-of-place flamingo, which somehow fits exactly the way it is supposed to.

I like the presents and the Santa Claus that appears. But my favourite bit has to be when they are holding the signs up that is part of the lyrics of the song, for those who don't catch it, it reads "Who is my secret Santa baby?". Also for those of you who miss the joke from the cracker, it is "Where do snowmen go to dance? To a snowball."

There are a few things that is missing, such as when the bow and arrow is fired, they could at least have made it stick to the camera. And the mistletoe isn't so great either, although I do like that scene. I just feel something more important is missing, that makes this video lacking.

Overall, a great song that keeps climbing up the iTunes chart, and I'm hoping that it doesn't stop climbing, it deserves to chart really high. The accompanying music video is great to watch and makes you want to join in as there is a lot of fun going on. But there's just something that is missing, but what that is I'm not sure. It's not quite worth five stars, but I'll give it what it deserves.