Bridgit Mendler - Ready Or Not

25 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Bridgit Mendler is new to the UK, she has had a few hits in America, but she is most known for her television acting roles in Good Luck Charlie, playing Teddy Duncan. And her role in Wizards of Waverly Place as Juliet van Heusen. She is also known in films such as Labour Pains, Alice Upside Down, and most notably Lemonade Pains. Now she's embarking on a singing career with her solid fan-base from Lemonade Mouth, she has become quite popular in the states and over here, even managing to get her US second single to chart here in the UK as "Deteminate" Featuring Adam Hicks got to number 198. However her first two singles, which includes "Somebody" was released as part of Lemonade Mouth. Now she's embarking on her own, and you could go as far as saying that this is her first single.

"Ready Or Not" was written by Bridgit Mendler, Emanuel "Eman" Kiriakou and Evan "Kidd" Bogart. The song samples the Fugees song "Ready Or Not". The song is about no longer waiting for the world to come after you, and going after the world yourself. There's a romantic twist to it too, as she goes out to find the guy she's been waiting for. I first heard this song on The X Factor (US) when Bridgit Mendler performed during the Live Shows, I remember liking it and being disappointed at the thought it might never be released in the UK, guess I was wrong. The song reminds me of something Ashlee Simpson would release and it looks like it's going to chart next week (as that's when it's released in the UK), as it's very popular over here so I am definitely buying this.

The music video isn't what you expect, and although it links slightly, you kind of want to know what they win at the end after all they've just done, as well as finding the romantic side, which there was none of.

This whole scavenger thing looks fun, I want to do it too. The only similar thing I've done is a zombie experience day in the city centre of Birmingham called "2.8 Hours Later". On the other hand there's a few things I didn't like...

The scavenger hunt looks like it's filmed good, however after closer inspection, we don't always stick to Bridgit Mendler and her team, not only that but the other team that is filmed has a total different set of instructions. As well as that they don't all complete their required tasks, or they did but they edited them out.

The use of the Polaroid camera is fun, and I always like seeing them being used in music videos.

Overall a great song that will definitely chart next week. It's accompanying music video is missing the romantic side, and they do all these tasks and get nothing out of it, by the looks of things. Not only that but we never get the satisfaction of seeing all the tasks completed. On the other hand, it's fun, but maybe a bit on the forgettable side, I have now watched it four times, and I still can't remember everything that went on.