Elliot Minor - I Believe

February 15, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Elliot Minor is a band I have followed since their very first single "Parallel Worlds", since then they had a spike of popularity when the amazing song "Still Figuring Out" got released. Recently they are on a hiatus after their most recent album only managed to chart at number 73 and their accompanying singles failed to chart. The band consisted of Alex Davies, Ed Minton, Ed Hetherton, Dan Hetherton and Ali Paul. Ali has left the band indefinitely, and it is unknown if or when the band will reform. The band members are all doing different projects at the minute, Dan, at this time, is in a band called The Dead Famous, who have released two singles thus far. Alex has also formed a band called Spirits, they are currently using PledgeMusic to release their album. The other three band members are all studying. I sincerely hope that this band will reform, but by the looks of things, it seems unlikely.

"I Believe" was this band's last ever single, and it did not chart. Personally I think it's before it's time, and would've fit nicely to have been released next month as it is the perfect song to be included on the soundtrack to the film The Host. Unfortunately it looks like that won't be the case either. The song was written by Alex Davies.

This music video is up there, it's both narrative and performance based, however it's not something I was expecting. But then again I am currently reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer, so it's quite hard not to imagine a video quite similar to the book. This song NEEDS to become part of the soundtrack to this film!

The narrative side is quite the opposite to the performance side. Here we have a rock band playing instruments and singing a catchy song, on the other side we have someone performing ballet, however she has dark problems enveloping her and so ballet can be seen as a way to escape just like music can help people escape too.

Overall a song that needs to be on a certain film's soundtrack. It's accompanying music video has everything it needs to give me top marks, but I don't think there is a big enough link with the narrative and the song, so that is why I'm dropping one star. I still have my fingers crossed a reformation will happen sometime in the near future.