Bauer - Connected

March 21, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Bauer are a four-piece band who have just released their album 'Sleeping Giant'. They followed me on twitter on 21st February. The band consists of Greg Matthews, Neil Treppas, Lee Bradbury and Michael Reed. They aren't my type of music, however I was surprised by it and intrigued in what their album includes.

I had to pick between this song and "(Feels Like) Heaven". I thought this music video was slightly better than the other one. The song has a catchy quality to it, when I had finished listening to it, it was kind of stuck in my head, so much so I wanted to listen to it again. If they manage to do that to me, they can do it to a lot of other people too, gaining the audience they need to make themselves popular.

This music video uses a lot of lighting to create a lot of tension during this performance piece. It's quite technical great, but that is how far it goes.

The lighting doesn't help at all to give across what they are like on stage, suggesting that we may not want to see them, especially since I don't get very many vibes from them, however for all I know they could be amazing live, but this video fails to portray it.

There's a few extras, plays with lighting, and some computers set up that are in striking blue, that is so different to the lighting from before that it intrigues me, unfortunately it doesn't go anywhere, leaving me unsure of what is going on.

Overall, a song that actually gets quite catchy, and an accompanying music video that is insightful to watch, but fails to keep me entertained, and I lose interest half way through, because nothing happens, it's almost repeated footage, and that is never good.