Two Weeks Running - Stay Forever

March 22, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Two Weeks Running are a five-piece alternative indie rock group, the band members are Alex Goulding, Jon Wilkes, Kriss Restall, Phil Alstead and Sam Goulding. This is their first music video and have released an EP called 'Lions' which is available to download on Soundcloud. Their second EP is 'Beats For The Heart'. They are not my sort of band, and I wasn't into this song, however I can't knock them, they are growing bigger and bigger supporting well-known acts on their tours as well as featuring here there and everywhere. This is one band that won't go down without a fight, and that is exactly what makes a band... I'm interested where these guys will go to.

The music video is their first video, and so I have to hold off the harsh comments as first music videos usually aren't that great, but compared to ones I have seen this isn't so bad.

I like the split of a narrative and a performance piece. The performance piece is quite static, but that's explainable to due the crowding and the close quarters of the gig, making it difficult to spread the energetic field of playing.

The narrative side is less interesting, they are throwing rocks at empty alcohol bottles, personally I don't find that fun, unless I was a child... Before hand they drove to that place going past pubs and shops. I like how it shows the area off, so that people who know where they are could go there too.

Overall a song that has potential, but not my sort of thing, and a music video that slightly fits and slightly doesn't. The narrative and performance adds to the overall feel of the video, but it fails to keep me interested long enough.