Eoghan Quigg - 28,000 Friends

March 01, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Eoghan Quigg - 28,000 Friends (Official Music... by Videozz
Okay, to celebrate the 28,000 hits on my blog, I thought I'd do this song since it relates. However I do not like this song all that much and as for the music video... Well... You'll find out.

Eoghan Quigg was a contestant on the fifth series of The X Factor. He came third overall placing behind JLS and Alexandra Burke. He was set to win, topping the votes for the first five weeks, along with the seventh week. Personally I felt that this year was one of the most talented, with the likes of Diana Vickers, Ruth Lorenzo, Laura White and Rachel Hylton along with first, second and third. All of which are releasing music, or are trying to do so. Others who managed to go on and do more things were Daniel Evans, Austin Drage, Bad Lashes and Scott Bruton. It sure was a competitive year. Eoghan Quigg released one single and a self titled album in 2009, the latter reaching number 14 on the UK chart and number 1 in Ireland. He was subsequently dropped from his label, and no new music ventures thus far, but who knows what will be next for him, if anything.

"28,000 Friends" were written by James Bourne (of Busted and Son of Dork fame) and Busbee. The song lacks a lot of things, and after finding James Bourne's vocal performance of the song, I realise that it's all down to Eoghan Quigg. It lacks emotion and soul, it has been heightened into a pop song that just doesn't work. The song reached number 96 in the UK, and number 32 in Ireland. Check out James Bourne's version below.

The music video follows the song perfectly in it's lack of emotion and soul. And where is all her 28,000 friends? Where's the showing of the sites quoted in the song: "YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, IM"?

We centre more around the singer, which is totally not right, since he is singing about as girl he really likes, who has 28,000 friends and can't find all that much time to include him in her busy life. So where is her busy schedule?

So instead we have a performance music video, which can get good ratings from me sometimes, however this is missing a lot. I definitely wouldn't go to see him on tour if all he's going to do is stand there with the microphone. There's no energy, there's nothing to engage the audience, and even my attention wasn't always held on this video.

Overall, a song that wasn't sung as well as the songwriter sings it, and a music video that fails to engage or entertain, it's almost like it was a complete waste of money even bothering to make the video, plus a waste of people's time watching it. However, at least Eoghan Quigg can finally put this side behind him, and if he ever returns to music, he will easily make a better video. Although, it is possible to do worse, I suppose, but it would be difficult.