New Release: K Koke Featuring Rita Ora - Lay Down Your Weapons

March 11, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

K Koke, real name Kevin Georgiou, has only just started his career in music. He is currently signed to Roc Nation, and is planning on releasing an album soon. So far he has released various mixtapes, along with his first single "Turn Back" featuring Maverick Sabre. This is definitely an up and coming rap star, and will definitely become embedded into British history in the near future. I cannot wait to see where his career will take him, and what amazing new, powerful songs will climb up our chart, from this guy.

The featured artist is the amazing Rita Ora. Who's had one of the quickest pushes into fame, we've seen in a long time, reminding me of Britney Spears when she first came on the scene. Rita Ora has three consecutive number one UK singles to her name, along with a number one album. Her recent singles have not been as much of a success, but I'm sure that will change with the reported new album to be released this year. She will become unstoppable.

The music video does well to represent the song. As the song is about ending up in prison after doing something that is completely not worth it. K Koke was arrested in 2011 for an attempted murder of unidentified 27-year-old football player. On 3rd November he was acquitted of all charges after seven months on remand. He has put that behind him, and even incorporated much more meaning to his rapping. You know just by hearing his words, that prison wasn't great at all, and clearly he's hoping that he will stop this from happening to others. And I can't help but feel proud that there are artists out there trying to make a difference.

There is a narrative and a performance side. The narrative plays on the prison and what it is like inside. It does look pretty boring to be honest, but what they really play on is the guilt of the person going in. Again another actor we don't know.

The narrative side shows exactly how Rita Ora performs, and as usual she goes all out, with her amazing energy, it flows perfectly to K Koke, who hasn't got many vibes, but there's enough there to make him mysterious, and it makes you want to go and see him live just to see if he can live up to his video, and to find out what more he has to give.

Overall a very personal song, that holds so much feeling and depth of emotion that you can't help but be drawn into the song entirely. The music video does the exact same thing, only this time showing the consequences of your actions. And I can't help but join Rita Ora with her lyrics 'lay down your weapons, weapons for me'.