The Faders - No Sleep Tonight

March 09, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Faders, were an all female British pop/rock band. They came in to prominence in 2004 and labelled the all female version of Busted, but they weren't the only ones following in their footsteps, there was McFly (obviously), and The Noise Next Door (who sung "Lock Up Your Daughter" and "Calendar Girls" as well as the theme tune to 'Ministry of Mayhem'). The girls in the band were Molly Lorenne (Molly McQueen/Molly Ure), Toy Valentine and Cherisse Osei. They released 2 singles, this single "No Sleep Tonight" got to number 13, while the second single "Jump" got to number 21 on the UK Chart. And an album. But where are they now? Molly McQueen has been attempting a solo career for some time now and Cherisse Osei is a drummer for many artists. As for Toy Valentine... I can't find her anywhere. This band could do well if they returned.

This music video is a typical revenge on a guy, and I have to admit, these are getting boring now, we've had Rudenko's "Everybody", From Above's "Not The Same Girl", Little Mix's "DNA" and Danny & Freja's atrocious "If Only You", and you could kind of include New Found Glory's "Kiss Me". This is so constant, are we ever going to get away from it all?

On top of that, this video brings a school setting again, so a combination of constants that I'm not even going to start listing. But that aside what have we got?

Well a narrative, and a performance piece. A song that I quickly get confused with Enter Shikari's "No Sleep Tonight" which are totally different, but both songs are equally catchy that you can't help having one or the other stuck in your head when you hear the title. And a revenge plot that you can't help but laugh at, the ending of which is surprising and is definitely one way of capture.

Overall a great song, that should've pushed them more into the limelight rather than letting them disappear. The song has been used in a number of campaigns and films and tv series. 'She's The Man' is the one that comes to mind in my head. The accompanying music video that could be considered common, but back then we hadn't seen much of this just yet, so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt, and giving it the rating it deserves. I think this band should return, the performance side of things were complete with amazing rocking vibes that could put bands out now to shame. This band together again could be just what the music industry needs.