Finland Entry: Krista Siegfrids - Marry Me

May 25, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Krista Siegfrids came to prominence in The Voice Of Finland, in which she got eliminated in the first live show. She competed in the Finland's national selection which is called Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. Where she won with this song. controversy came up with her performance as she kisses another woman on stage. Her reasons for doing this is that she wants Finland to legalise same-sex marriage. This caused a stir in Turkey, who had pulled out of the competition this year, as they didn't show the contest due to the kiss. Although Krista Siegfrids didn't do as well as she should've done in the contest, this song has charted in some countries, and it is such a catchy song, maybe she'll become an international star.

"Marry Me" was written by Krista Siegfrids, Erik Nyholm, Kristofer Karlsson and Jessika Lundstróm. The song was definitely one of my favourites, it's so catchy that after one listen you just want to sing-a-long. I really thought this song was going to get top five, at least, so I was stunned at it's placing.

Finland came 24th out of 26 countries in this years contest. Krista Siegfrids gained just 13 points, this should've got a lot more. France gave 3 points, Germany gave 1 point, Denmark gave 2 points, San Marino gave 3 points and Israel gave 4 points. So this song along with Ryan Dolan's "Only Love Survives" were the shock surprises, why were these songs not voted for? However it was such a tough competition this year.

This music video is great to watch. Krista Siegfrids reminds me of Ke$ha, and I could definitely imagine Ke$ha singing this song. The whole concept reminds me of Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold". However it's fun, exciting, different and samey all at the same time.

There's a narrative, with a wedding performance. The narrative is interesting. She's idolising her boyfriend, asking him to propose to her. He looks vulnerable, as if he doesn't know what he wants, and she's this wild, crazy girl who he can't handle. How did he take this long to propose to her?

The flirtation between her and her friends is different, showing that she's comfortable with who she is, and she will do what she wants. told you she's crazy, but in the amazing crazy way. At the start she writes in her notebook: 'I'm not obsessed I'm just a woman!'. She kidnaps her boyfriend, and then performs at her wedding, where he FINALLY proposes.

Her performance at the wedding is fun, exciting and totally different. It makes me think that I'm watching a musical, and she's singing on the way up the aisle and then her guests dance, that made me laugh lots. She has so much energy, crazy freaky energy, that will be awesome on stage at one of her concerts. I really want to see her live now.

Overall a very catchy song worthy of a top five Eurovision placing, instead it landed near the bottom for unknown reasons. The music video, is fun, energetic and full of everything I want. I have a little problem with kidnapping the guy, it's happened too many times in other music videos, and surely there could have been a more original idea, but apart from that, a narrative, a performance... What more do I want? Definitely the best music video I have reviewed from Eurovision 2013 SO FAR... Can any others top this one?