Germany Entry: Cascada - Glorious

June 02, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So I've been away on holiday for a week, but I'm back now, and it's time for Germany's entry. I honestly picked this entry as the winner, so was surprised it didn't do that well. However I'm a big Cascada fan, so how can I not root for them?

Cascada, the internationally great dance band with chartings all over Europe and America, entered the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, astonishing people, such as myself, how was anyone going to beat this well known group? They consist of three people, Natalie Horler, Manian (real name Manuel Reuter) and Yanou (real name Yann Peifer). They have recently been dropping charting positions here in the UK, after a number one hit with "Evacuate The Dancefloor" the singles that followed didn't even make the UK Top 40, and some never even charted. I think the main thing is promotion. I remember seeing Natalie Horler singing "Evacuate The Dancefloor" on a few TV shows, and it also got a lot of radio play, they need to present their songs and promote them on TV. Many people are unaware of their new songs (apart from this one because it was on Eurovision... That goes towards promotion because we saw it on TV!)

"Glorious" was written by Yann Peifer, Manuel Reuter, Andres Ballinas and Tony Cornelissen. The song entered the UK charts at 129, after the Eurovision Song Contest, yet why did many people download the song and not vote for them? And don't you dare say it's fixed because "the UK will never vote for Germany", I have heard that reason way too much lately, and it's totally not true, we've given points to Germany a number of times in the last 10 years. Maybe it's because we all thought it was too similar to Loreen's "Euphoria". It also had to be investigated as a lot of people thought it was too alike. However it got cleared of plagiarism. The song is definitely Cascada and I even believe it is showing their new direction, hopefully it will attract more fans, they need another number one hit!

Germany came 21st out of 26 countries in Eurovision 2013. Cascada got a total of 18 points. Spain gave 3 points, Austria gave 6 points, Israel gave 5 points, Albania gave 3 points and Switzerland gave 1 point. I just hope it was enough to push this dance band back into the spotlight.

The music video is typical Cascada. Very much a performance piece, and although it is lacking a narrative storyline, the glorious wonders of this glorious song proves you don't need one.

As per usual Natalie Horler is the only member of the dance band that features in this video (although we have known of Manuel Reuter and Yann Peifer making appearances such as their cover version of "Last Christmas"). Her gorgeous looks is all she needs to capture you and makes you want to see her live, yet she failed to capture the Eurovision audience this year, maybe she didn't perform the song that well.

The ballet is something new, something glorious as some may say. And maybe it is that which brings a new spin of this on this song. It shows that it's not just a upbeat dancing that will go with dance music, and this is so peaceful, and glorious to watch I understand why they put it in.

Overall a song that should have done better on the UK chart as well as should have done better in this year's contest. It's music video has no narrative, but is pure performance. I want to see this dance group live, yet the video is pretty much similar to their other videos... Minus the narrative, plus the ballet. I can't wait for their future releases, I would really like their single "The Rhythm Of The Night" to get released, although that's doubtful, but I'm hoping their future unplugged album (which is on the cards) gets a UK release.