Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up

June 11, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Avril Lavigne is officially back, and you knew I was going to review this music video. This song is released next week, but will she score her first UK number one single? Well going back to her roots in this video could be exactly what puts her on the top of the chart, and I guess this planned performance on The Voice UK this weekend could go in her favour, unless it goes completely wrong, which it won't. She is getting ready to release her fifth album at the end of the year. And if this single is anything to go by, it could be her best album thus far.

"Here's To Never Growing Up" was written by Avril Lavigne, David Hodges (Evanescence fame), Chad Kroeger (Avril's fiancé as well as lead singer of Nickelback), Jacob Kasher and Martin Johnson (lead singer of Boys Like Girls). Seems like an all-star writing cast, and hence why this song is so catchy, and has hit various charts across the world. But the only number one coming from the Philippines. Could the UK follow suit, and get Avril her first UK single number one, we did it for The Saturdays with "What About Us", it's about time Avril got a single UK number one.

The music video has Avril written all over it. Back to the roots with her song, so the music video does the exact same. What with the "Complicated" skater costume, as well as bringing back her old backing band.

That's right, Evan Taubenfeld and Devin Bronson return on stage with Avril and her current backing band drummer Rodney Howard. No wonder Avril had fun on set, who wouldn't when meeting up with old friends?

There isn't really a narrative, just her having fun with a load of other people, there's a prom and she's performing with her band, as well as wrecking the school, making sure the whole school can hear her sing the lyrics, as well as having fun in a pool. Just a normal day in Avril's world.

Overall a great song that I can't stop listening to, I have my fingers crossed that it hits the charts at number one here in the UK next week, but guess we won't know for sure until next Sunday, you can do it Avril! The music video is typical Avril Lavigne, not growing up, having fun and just letting loose, I have no problems with this video because it's exactly what I expected and more, and relates to the song perfectly. I am not being biased with my rating, this video deserves this!