New Release: Bridgit Mendler - Hurricane

24 June Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I was surprised to find this on iTunes today, I thought I'd see if it was out because my iTunes shuffler put on 'Top Of The World' which is one of her tracks on her album 'Hello My Name Is...' and here was the single with a remix EP. I was so happy I bought it and have been playing all the tracks over and over again, it's so catchy and the remixes are interesting, yet I am disappointed by the album artwork, it looks like it was done on a whim, why can't we have the American album artwork? The UK's looks really amateurish, hope it doesn't put people off from buying it. Her single "Ready Or Not" got to number seven here in the UK, I doubt this will do as well since it hasn't gained much radio play, but I'm hoping it charts okayish, at least.

The song was written by Bridgit Mendler, Emanuel "Eman" Kiriakou, Evan "Kidd" Bogart and Andrew "Goldstein" Goldstein. The song is about love and falling for it every time even after boarding up the windows and locking her heart. It's catchy and sticks in my mind easily, it's just a shame that it hasn't really been picked up by radio and people won't hear it often enough to go out and download the song to give this song the charting position it needs.

The music video is more of a performance side to things than anything else. There is a very small narrative that is hardly discernible. In the narrative Bridgit Mendler's co-star in 'Lemonade Mouth' can be seen as her best friend, played by Naomi Scott, for those of you (including me) who don't watch 'Lemonade Mouth', you may have seen her in 'Terra Nova' playing 'Maddy Shannon'.

Naomi Scott comforts Bridgit Mendler and takes her out for some clubbing, which clears her head, but that's all there is to a narrative, and I feel there should've been much more to it.

The performance side of things is featured much more often, there are various places she sings the song, one is on a white background which leaves very little to the imagination. She performs well clearly emphasising her thoughts when it comes to this song and it's engaging, with a lot of energy, the club scene is pretty involving, also making me want to go out clubbing, I haven't gone out in months! And as for this bit by the house or wall or wherever she is, I feel it links in with the 'boarding up the windows' part, yet there is no windows being boarded up, and although this scene is featured very little, it's the one that links in the most with this song.

Overall a great song, you really much check out the remixes too, they're as good as the song. The music video fails to entertain, a solid narrative is what is needed, something not too far from Mandia Nantsios' "One Last Time". The performance could have been much better, and more or less links in with the UK album art than anything else. This just seems like it was created on a whim, with little thinking behind it.