Basshunter - Every Morning

July 16, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Basshunter, real name Jonas Altberg, is still awaiting a release of a new album which will be called 'Calling Time', so far three UK singles have been released from the album "Northern Lights", "Dream On The Dancefloor" & "Crash & Burn", and one Swedish single from the album called "Fest I Hela Huset" which is apparently also on the new album. Basshunter has had a few changes recently, from being the most successful act on the Hard2beat / Dance Nation record label, to not charting with on All Around The World Records with "Northern Light" & "Dream On The Dancefloor", he has now released "Crash & Burn" under Rush Hour records, is this a new record deal? I'm not sure. All I hope is that Basshunter releases a song and promotes it so it will get him to become the worldwide star we all used to know him as.

"Every Morning" was written by Basshunter. It's catchy and definitely was a good first single off his second UK album 'Bass Generation', giving us an insight into his new album which wasn't quite as popular as the first album. I think this is one of his better singles, having good emotion in his voice when he sings the song, and I can't help but sing-a-long too.

The music video continues the Jonas Altberg & Aylar Lie relationship. This video is definitely my favourite of them all, as it is funny as you watch it and then at the end the cliff-hanger is scarily amazing, so much so I'm sure I was upset the first time I saw it, it was that shocking to me.

So let's start off with a RECAP! "Now You're Gone" gave us Aylar Lie and Lucas Thorheim breaking up by text yet they both go clubbing with their respected friends and end up in the same club and get back together. "All I Ever Wanted" shows them on holiday in Spain, they have fun and go clubbing, but Lucas finds a 'mate's cousin', is it the end for them? "Angel In The Night" broke Aylar & Lucas up via text again, and Aylar finds Jonas Altberg (Basshunter) and after impressing her with his street racing and singing, they kiss... "I Miss You / Jingle Bells" brings Christmas in Norway, there's snow, presents and a dip in the hot tub, as well as Jonas having to fend off a guy from coming on to Aylar. "Walk On Water" breaks the story as we're shown the touring life of Basshunter (I've made it link, but it is the smallest link ever).

Jonas, in this video, wants to make the next move and propose to Aylar. She obviously makes him so happy, and the bedroom bit at the start is extremely sexy, what with her getting ready for the big day ahead. It looks like they are enjoying being together.

This music video was filmed in Majorca. After leaving the hotel, Aylar and Jonas part ways, Aylar doesn't understand why, but I guess it is to get the engagement ring. She goes onto a boat to party.

Later on Jonas catches up with her on a jet ski. And as he gets prepared to propose he is wrestled down by his mates. Later on they are at a beach and he is prepared to propose, when once again he is thwarted by his mates.

Aylar and her friends go swimming, only her friends return saying that Aylar is lost at sea. Such a dramatic ending, definitely the biggest cliff hanger from all of Basshunter's music videos, yet I'm catching up to his most recent single, and the story hasn't progressed that much.

Overall a song that gets stuck in my head over and over again, and a music video that kept me entertained and left me hanging on the edge until "I Promise You" got released two months later. This is definitely my favourite video from Basshunter, and I hope he manages to top it with the future videos, I also hope Aylar returns to continue the storyline.