Mandia Nantsios - Smile

July 22, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Mandia Nantsios, 16 year old singing sensation, that although hasn't quite hit the charts anywhere, she has gained an amazing fan base and a lot of people look up to her. Her second single "One Last Time" was a hit in my world, and on my blog especially since it is in the top 10 most viewed blog posts of all-time on my blog! She became my Artist of the Month for March, and she is definitely one to watch. She has been strumming up popularity on Twitter, by following people who would be interested in her music, that's how I came across her and many other fans have been found that way too. Her first single "Never Again" isn't quite so popular, but it definitely shows her voice off... But is this new song as good as her previous singles?

"Smile" is a very catchy song and will be stuck in my head all day. It reminds me a lot of her previous single "One Last Time", it is very similar, and is a great direction for this girl to take. Her voice is phenomenal and I can't help but sit back and relax while such a beautiful voice reaches my ears. If Mandia Nantsios never charts there would be no justice in the world, and the world will have to live with such a huge loss. But she will make it one day, she's driven and that is all you need.

This music video relates to the song a lot, but it also is similar to "One Last Time". It may not be filled as big, obviously the budget couldn't have been stretched out as much as it did last time, nonetheless you can't help but like it and it definitely leaves my face with a smile.

The school presence continues, but they're graduating, and Mandia Nantsios has a new crush, who always makes her smile. They're getting ready for their graduation photos and they get to dress up and have fun, that's clearly the world Mandia Nantsios lives in, don't we all wish we could live in the world of fun?

There's a lot of performance in this, and she's extremely expressive, which is such a great thing, I hope she eventually gets a tour here in the UK, as I shall be in the crowd at one of her gigs! However the presentation of it in the video didn't work, I didn't enjoy the black and white graduation photo book, it just seemed too static, and it needed more substance.

Although, the ending is great to watch as the stern teacher relaxes and just lets rip and has fun too, and even the photographer gets involved too.

Overall a song that is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of today. And a music video that doesn't live up to her previous music videos, but it is great to watch and always makes me smile.