Avicii - Wake Me Up

August 05, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Avicii is back with a brand new track, that I was unsure of at first, but as radio play for it picked up and it slotting right into the top spot of the UK chart, I've come to be obsessed with it, much like everyone else. His real name is Tim Bergling and has gone on to release singles under the names of Tim Berg and Tom Hangs as well as Avicii. This is his first single from his first album to be released some time next month. It contains many collaborations and is going to be called 'True'. This Swedish DJ is definitely my favourite DJ in the world, at the moment, and I support all his music, and luckily for me I have yet to come across a track I don't like.

"Wake Me Up" is written by Tim Bergling, Aloe Blacc and Mike Einziger. Aloe Blacc provides the vocals for the track. The song is super catchy and has hit number one in many different countries. This has literally stormed the chart everywhere.

The music video is sweet and interesting, the two girls in the video are great characters, and they both have the Avicii logo on their arms. The little girl doesn't understand why no one likes them. While it's clear to us that they have nice clothes (product placement of Ralph Lauren's 'Denim & Supply') whereas the villagers are all wearing dirty clothes that they have probably worn day in day out. So the older sister rides her horse and goes into a town, where she finds another girl who also has the Avicii sign. They go to see Avicii live.

Afterwards she rides home tells the little girl to pack and they walk on the road into town. The last scene shows another girl looking quite lonely, maybe she wanted to go with them.

The gig promotes Sony, which is another product placement. This is starting to become well known in music videos, especially after Avril Lavigne's "What The Hell".

I was happy to find Avicii and Aloe Blacc appearing. And this whole video has 'The Walking Dead' feel to it, although there is not a zombie in sight, just people branded with the Avicii mark.

Overall a exceptional song that is more than worthy of the number one here in the UK and practically everywhere else. The music video is so relatable since most people feel out of place somewhere within their lives, as well as that it is relatable to the song. My one problem is that I feel there is more to this story than what the video shows. Why are them two outsiders in their village? I feel like maybe there's a prequel to this story, since this leaves me with many questions such as... Where are their parents? How did they get the Avicii mark? And the main question is why aren't they liked?
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