Lukay - Dance With You

August 06, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Lukay... Hit or miss? Well he is definitely a hit with me, he can sing, dance and he shows some acting skills in this as well. He is the triple threat, watch out guys, his name will be on your lips in the next few years, and we won't even remember the day he wasn't well known, but for the moment we are living those days. He is a big hit in his home country of Canada winning numerous awards for his music. His first single was "I'm In Love With Music". Now with his second single doing so well, which is not at all surprising with his fan base and amazing vocals and dancing, this is one person we're going to have to keep our eyes on.

"Dance With You" is written by Lukay and is super super catchy, his voice reminds me a lot of Ne-Yo's, but the beat behind it is reminiscent of some of Avicii's stuff. This explains why it is so catchy and something I have watched quite a few times over. But I have to admit it isn't because of the song, it's because of the music video.

My current count is four times watching this, trying to find some flaw to knock this video down a star, but there just is no bad stuff with this video. It's full of amazingness that I can't stop watching.

I like the choreography, as I have stated before, this guy can dance! And that is more than a fact. Whoever the choreographer was is brilliant.

It is both performance and narrative rolled into one, as he wants this girl to dance with him. It reminds me of the chemistry between PSY and Hyuna in "Gangnam Style". He follows her about and she finally dances with him, but looks more of a fight to get him away from her. But with persistence gets you everywhere and she succumbs to his brilliant dancing.

Overall a song that I've already downloaded, and I reckon you should do that too, as it is oh-so catchy. And a music video that I would love to see on the music channels, as it is so good, and we need more dancing in music videos!