New Release: Rachel Platten - Fight Song

21 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Rachel Platten is one hell of a fighter, she is an inspiration to us all, she tells us that we should always go after our dreams and we will get to where we want to be. The video proves this perfectly and it is her fight song, and this is one girl who won't be disappearing without a good brawl.

I struggled choosing a video today, purely because JoJo has released a tringle of singles, three singles in one, yet there's no music videos for them, and although they are amazing, and you should so go and buy them, I'm unable to review them until there's a video. So instead I chose Rachel Platten's Fight Song which is being played often on the radio, and will probably chart extremely well this week.

Rachel Platten has released two albums, one in 2003 and one in 2011, none of which made much of an impact, yet her songs have featured in some tv series. Now after a lot of hard work, she's proven she can make it. This song was written by Dave Bassett and Rachel Platten, the song encouraged her to believe in herself and it incites us all to do the same, it's uplifting and inspirational, I just believe every word as it is not only what I need to hear myself, but because she means every word she sings.

The music video was directed by James Lees. It directly links in with what Rachel Platten is singing, and that is exactly what I expected.

A lot of artists gig before coming well known, and it is a common story that only a few people will turn up to their first few gigs, and that is definitely shown at the start, along with the pain Rachel Platten is feeling at not quite making it in the music industry.

Then she just goes for it, hops in the car and sees where it leads. Slightly similar to Tim Berg's "Seek Bromance" This is a little unexpected as she's out having fun and doing what she wants, however letting it all go and starting afresh doesn't always work out for people, as we know from other videos. Could they have possibly shown that hard work gets you where you want in life?

Overall a great song, a well linked music video, and definitely something inspirational and memorable. I wish Rachel Platten the best on this week's chart, I bet it's going to do well.
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