Inna - Yalla

November 14, 2015 Critic Jonni 5 Comments

Inna has a new video, so obviously it will appear on here. Currently the richest Eastern European artist in the world, Inna continues to release music based on her fans, and this is why I like Inna, rather than sticking to one language she has delve into languages from all over the world in her lyrics, exciting her club rockers. Yalla, delves into Arabic, and the video follows suit, set in Marrakesh, Morocco, Inna looks sexy, sultry and playful, Inna as we've always known her as.

Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, continues to release singles from her self titled forth album. Officially this serves as her third single, following "Diggy Down" and "Bop Bop". Written by Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac and Nadir Tamuz Augustin, this is a song many artists would be jealous of yet Inna pulls it off to perfection, infusing two languages into one song is difficult enough, but to do it and appeal to people around the world and connecting people is truly a difficult thing to do, especially through music.

The video, directed by John Perez, follows suit and sticks to an Arabian theme. Inna is quite the tease in the video, and her male lead can't keep his eyes off her, clearly, and we can't blame him. Yassir Lamrani Selmane plays the love interest. This is the first Inna male actor we've found the name of, thank you Yassir Lamrani Selmane for contacting me and letting me know that you are the male actor in this video. 

Inna is dancing. This excites me, she rarely danced, we saw a little in "10 Minutes" but it has been something of a rarity in her videos apart from the recent collaboration with Alexandra Stan and Daddy Yankee in "We Wanna", where she proved that she can dance, totally in sync and pull off choreography perfectly. In this video she does the exact same thing, we need more dancing from Inna.

Teasing and sexy, Inna appeals to her Arabian club rockers, and hopefully she has gained more fans in that part of the world. A catchy song that I can't help but sing a long to, as well as a perfect video that is helping her turn into more of a worldwide star, soon enough all she'll have to hit is the Western World, she's done it before, she can surely do it again.
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    1. I wish I knew, but as with all of Inna's videos, the male actor's name is never revealed

    2. The name of the actor is Yassir Lamrani Selmane

    3. Thank you, added the name to my post :)

  2. Can u tell me the name of those female dancers who danced with Inna in yalla