The 1975 - Love Me

15 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The guys at work have been talking about this song, singing this song and suggesting I should review it. So here I am and here it is. I have never really like The 1975, although I do agree their songs can be catchy, but I'd never go out of my way to listen to their songs or watch their videos. Glitzy, pop-ish and an attempt to be sexy, The 1975 gives us a video we really want to forget.

The 1975 are a four piece band consisting of Matthew Healy, Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann and George Daniel. They have had mild success in the UK and various other countries, "Chocolate" being their highest charting single. They're the talk of many people and if you have never heard of them, then you must not live in the UK, as they are pretty well known. Their debut album went straight in at number one, and they're hoping their follow-up does the exact same. This is their first single off the new album, a mock of pop music and how they don't like how people can become famous now. Tricks and bending what used to be, all caught up in an 80's feel. Effortlessly catchy even if you don't like the band.

The video follows suit perfectly, giving us the 80's feel, as well as mocking celebrities and their own fans as well as technology such as the selfie stick, a lot of thought clearly went into the video which is directed by Diane Martel.

However it fails to amaze, things are the way they are because it's the 21st century. Guys and girls can be sexy, and Matthew Healy may be mocking that, yet he still pulls it off. The selfie sticks aren't that shocking, and people make such better photos and videos from them. We are not stuck in the old age for a reason.

Drunk and wild, Matthew Healy drinks in front of cardboard cut-outs of well known stars, some from the past, some from the present. As well as including a hot tub, and a guitar on strings. Not something I want to watch again. Mocking can be all good when done properly and light heartedly, yet it seems like they're trying to get a message out at the same time. A messy video at best. At worst, scenes compiled together of a general day in The 1975's life.
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