JoJo - Say Love

10 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The first time I saw this, I just knew I had to put this on my blog. Amazing, powerful and vocally authentic, JoJo stuns us all with a vocal like no other and an emotionally deep music video we can easily relate to. One third of her tringle, "Say Love" follows "When Love Hurts" and will be preceded by her third and final single from her tringle "Save My Soul".

JoJo is back, with perfect vocal talent. Her tringle has got us all excited for her new album. Real name Joanna Levesque, will finally get a third album release. How dare a record label refuse this brilliant vocal artist from releasing music. With a new label behind her, we are getting these songs. We heard snippets of perfection in her two mixtapes and her EP, yet this tringle has got us all captivated in JoJo once again. "Say Love" was written by Harmony Samuels, Wayne Hector and Chloe Angelides.

Creating a bit of classic JoJo, with the house and the rain. "Too Little Too Late" ring any bells? I loved that song and video so much I even reviewed it twice, by accident obviously. "Too Little Too Late" was definitely the inspiration at the start of this video.

Directed by Patrick "Embryo" Tapu, who also directed "When Love Hurts". Two very different videos. The guy in this video is Sam Kumrine, he plays her love interest.

This one deals with love, how she wants him to tell her things to make her feel special. I know exactly what that is like. Usually the start of any relationship guys tell you you're perfect, that you're beautiful, but they can never keep it up, unless it's real.

Scenically beautiful, powerful and emotional. JoJo shines with her acting experience proving that a ballad is never boring and useless, if you put all your effort into the video, it will come across visually amazing. JoJo is definitely on form lately, and I cannot wait to see the final video. "Save My Soul" has to be just as amazing. Hurry up and release your album JoJo, I'm dying to hear it!
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