Troye Sivan - FOOLS

17 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Troye Sivan continues his Blue Neighbourhood series with the second instalment to the three part music video, narrative and telling, Troye Sivan melts everyone's hearts connecting straights and gays everywhere, there isn't one person who doesn't at least sympathise but the majority can definitely feel empathy for this as many have been in such a situation. He is one artist leading the way for the LGBT community, and quickly becoming someone people look up to within the gay world. The third video has also been released but for the purposes of my blog I shall review it next week. "Wild" was the first video.

Troye Sivan, real name Troye Sivan Mellet, is getting ready to release his debut album called "Blue Neighbourhood". He's 20 years old and of YouTube fame. He is definitely one of my favourite gay singers, and I like how he is easily an inspiration to others. "FOOLS" is written by Troye Sivan, Alex Hope and Pip Norman, it describes how he's feeling about falling for a certain guy, we've all been there, calling ourselves a fool for falling for that guy, it happens to everyone in either a minute way or an extreme way. Troye Sivan turns us all into empathising with him.

The video continues on from "Wild", and I love that the first few scenes contrast. Both acts happen in the same room, one is an act of love and pleasure, whereas the other is an act of violence. Directed by Tim Mattia, the series of music videos easily pull at the heart strings.

Homophobia is a big topic, and kudos for Troye Sivan in tackling it. A lot of people can relate easily, especially me as my dad openly admits he's homophobic, yet no where near as severe as the drunken dad in this video.

As the story continues I can empathise with both main characters, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. The ending is truly sad, although you cannot blame the guy because of his dad and the way he is. Yet the guy isn't being true to himself and locking that closet behind him and swallowing the key. The ending definitely reminds me of Steve Grand's "All-American Boy".

Overall a perfect narrative and great performance scene. Troye Sivan tackles a difficult subject that is rarely talked about. I cannot wait to watch the third instalment, which is totally teased at the end, and if it's anything like this one and "Wild", it's going to be amazing!
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