Chart Mondays: KDA Featuring Tinie Tempah & Katy B - Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)

November 16, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Since Adele is still at number one with "Hello". It gives me the chance to review any music video in the top ten. I chose this one due to it has previously been at number one. A simple music video set, with four contrasting rooms, bringing back stripes, polka-dots and all things 00's, Katy B shines out as Tinie Tempah fades into the background. Reminds me of's "Scream & Shout" as Britney Spears outshines him just like Katy B is outshining Tinie Tempah.

KDA is an English house DJ and producer, his identity is still unknown, but the song was first known as "Rumble" before Tinie Tempah and Katy B's vocals were added to the song. Tinie Tempah, real name Patrick Okogwu, is on a UK domination, he has had seven UK number ones including this one, and I wouldn't be surprised if he keeps getting to the top spot. As for Katy B, real name Kathleen Brien, this is her first number one. The closest she has ever came to topping the charts was a collaboration with Ms. Dynamite called "Lights On". This has been her recent direction and it's really worked for her, can't wait to see what she releases next.

Reminding me of La Roux's "Bulletproof" mixed with both Kids In Glass Houses' "Gimme What I Want" and Liberty X's "Jumpin'", an '00s idea mixed with a current cast, crew and styling. All directed by Carly Cussen.

Not much to say about this, definitely a performance piece and the camera is on a dolly with a track, hence four different rooms, The choreography is all on point and yet not complicated at all, the three dancers only have one costume, which is slightly disappointing, I think different costume for each set would've been better.

Katy B is wearing something quite revealing and pulls it off amazingly, although I'm not too fond of her blonde wig. Disappointingly contrasts too much with Tinie Tempah's winter clothes, which so does not work on this set whatsoever.

Overall an easy concept; a much done but yet much loved dolly on a track camera movement, seen through films, tv shows, tv adverts and music videos alike; and amazing current stars looking contrastingly stylish.
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