Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated

18 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Right... well... What the hell do I say about this? Martin Solveig continues he's weird and colourful music videos with this out there, confusing and a little pathetic excuse to call a music video, like what is this? Clearly intoxication.

Martin Solveig, real name Martin Picandet, has been trying to globally attack the charts for a while, he is well known for his song with Dragonette "Hello", which only reached number 13 in the UK, however this one has beaten that chart number, peaking at number five. Written by Martin Solveig, Julio Mejia and Matthew Toth, "Intoxicated" is ultimately catchy, perfect for the clubs, and definitely something special. GTA, which is an acronym for Goons Take America, is the collaboration of the latter two songwriters. They are quickly becoming known in the EDM world and have featured on a number of hit songs, I'm expecting more to come.

Weird colourful and bright, Martin Solveig doesn't disappoint in his usual and unsurprising video.

Full of block colours, some ice cream, a bath, some dance off in a boxing arena, and weird badminton, is there anything that isn't weird in this video, but is it intoxicating? Nope.

Martin Solveig is competing against Ed Sheeran for worst looking artist in the music industry, like seriously, why would you dress yourself like that and have hair and a moustache like that? You need some style Martin Solveig and maybe you'll get that number one you so clearly deserve!

Overall a typical video from Martin Solveig, which fails to insight me or make me even watch it again, however amazing song that is definitely my tune in the clubs!
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