Where Has Jonni Been: Work, Job Applying, Nikki Grahame, Pride Bracelet and Halloween

06 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've been a bit inactive lately on here, so I thought I'd give you all a little insight into my chaotic life.

First off I'm taking extra shifts at work to get more money. Roughly doing 45 hours a week and gaining the extra money I need. My plans are to save up as I attempt to find a job in London. With all these hours I'm doing finding time for everything else in my life is proving difficult, there is just not enough hours in a day.

Job applying is also keeping me up late. Some applications take two hours to fill out, is it not enough to email my CV and personal cover letter? And I don't even get a rejection letter in response. However if you don't apply, you don't get the job, so I keep fighting and applying, I will get on the ladder to my dream career.

On Thursday 29th October I met Nikki Grahame at the Nightingale in Birmingham. She seemed a little on the drunk side, but it was fun to watch her gunge someone. However it was all fun and games, and she seemed to love every minute of it. During the meet and greet photos she was adorable, and lucky for me I got two photos with her, at her request.

On 31st October, I bought my pride bracelet. I came up with the concept for it after Birmingham's Gay Pride. I wanted something I would wear everyday, something out of the last of the money my grandparents' gave me on my 21st birthday. I'm sad they will never get to see it in person, but I am sure they would think it is as beautiful as I do. It was made at Vault 88 in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, and they seemed excited to make something unique and different. They came up with the design, after I explained that I would like the gay pride colours in the bracelet. After some discussion we came up with a sketch of the bracelet and each stone for each colour. Garnet for red (which is also my birthstone), Topaz for both orange and yellow, Peridot for green, Sapphire for blue and Amethyst for purple. My bracelet couldn't have come out any better, and I will never stop wearing it. I especially hate taking it off for work.

Halloween wasn't all I thought it would be. I had my sexy Magic Mike costume on, and adorned wings and some dead make up in the hope to turn Magic Mike into a sexy dead vampire. And it worked to some extent, I always feel confident in my Magic Mike outfit, and yet Nightingale was packed, and it was just me and my friend, drinks were expensive, which I totally expected, and the music was great as usual, but as I failed to have a good time the night just went from bad to worse. Oh well, some nights are amazing and others just aren't, can't always have the best night, even when you are dressed up as a dead vampiric Magic Mike.