New Release: WSTRN - In2

06 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Okay what have I just watched? Some 90s hip-hop song enveloped in a much worse black and white music video that experiments with crayons. Considering I really wanted to review Fleur East's "Sax", unfortunately there is no music video for that, I am not impressed with watching three friends, rap and sing whilst messing about with colourful crayons.

WSTRN, consisting of Akelle Charles, Haile and Louis Rei, are probably one of these groups who have nabbed a record deal because of who they know rather than their amazing vocals. Their song "In2" does have a catchy one line, however their rapping lyrics are unmemorable. As each new member goes to sing I'm hoping their vocals will get better, but I become more and more disappointed, especially when paired with this music video.

Directed by Sally Sibbet, I feel like I've been transported to the low-budget music video world, ones that decide to entertain the audience with bad visuals and camera work as well as effects that just fail.

This explains entirely why I hate black and white music videos, someone explain to me why it's in black and white, other than to empahsise the crayon visual effect.

The crayon idea works well in some cases, yet it is both overused and some scenes just infuriate me as there is clearly no need for it and it does not relate whatsoever. What on earth were these guys thinking?

Catchy song yet annoyingly so. WSTRN is one group that probably will not be around longer than a couple of years. "In2" will sadly become a hit, the only one from this group. As for the music video, I'd be happy never to see it again.
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