New Release: Sigala Featuring Bryn Christopher - Sweet Lovin'

December 04, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sweet Lovin' (feat. Bryn Christopher) - Sigala |

Sigala is on form lately isn't he? Number one in the UK with "Easy Love" and now he's follow-up seems to be racking up the charts. This has pretty much come out of the blue, earlier today I was listening to it and I looked at it's iTunes position and it wasn't looking good, a summer club anthem released in winter... Not something you would expect. Then tonight I saw it in the top 10, like where has this come from? Catchy and definitely so much better than "Easy Love", this song is a summer tune to help us escape this cold winter, Sigala with Sweet Lovin' spreads the sun and the fun.

Sigala, real name Bruce Fielder, is a British DJ and has only released the two singles I have mentioned. He has definitely hit the UK by storm, but will he continue his success, or just dwindle away? Guess that's something we'll have to wait and see, but with songs like this, he will be around for some time, getting those all important chart numbers.

The music video is unsurprisingly similar to "Easy Love", which, at first, made me think it was too similar, but after second watch I kind of started to enjoy it, yet it isn't something new, and has been done plenty of times before. The roller skater is Candice Heiden, who have previously been in Moby's "The Perfect Life" and Chet Faker's "Gold".

The video reminds me of a cross between DJ Fresh's "Louder" and David Guetta Vs. The Egg's "Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)", it's like they've been fused together yet not outstanding us, and more like failing to entertain.

Nothing that interests me, I do think it kind of relates to the song, her sweet loving sending vibes out to everyone she passes. Everyone has one of those days, where they're having such a good day and no one can bring you down, and then you don't even realise that you've made everyone's day automatically. Energy is always sent out in vibes, and sweet loving vibes can be sent all the time.
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