Chart Mondays: Grace Featuring G-Eazy - You Don't Own Me

December 07, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

With Justin Bieber still dominating the Top 10 in the UK, he currently is number one with "Love Yourself", which has no official music video just yet; I have extremely little choice of music videos to choose from. This song has shot in at number five, thanks to the help of the House of Fraser TV advertisement as well as Lauren Murray's performance on The X Factor the weekend before. Personally I can feel the Christmassy vibes, which makes it perfect for the House of Fraser Christmas Advert, and yet it's not that great of a cover. Performed in a studio, chemistry passes between the two singers, subtle meanings go a long way, but does the video fail as well as the song?

Grace, real name Grace Sewell, has recently only just came on the scene, with this collaboration. This single is a cover of Lesley George's "You Don't Own Me", and her vocals are amazing, she can really sing. But will this be her only hit? This is a collaboration with G-Eazy, real name Gerald Gillum, who is an American hip-hop singer and producer, hence why he's producing in the music video. This is his first hit here in the UK, although his third album charted in the top 200 in 2014, he is one to watch out for, as he is coming into prominence, yet his rap doesn't help this song all that much.

The music video was directed by Saul Salmonman. There's a bit of flirtation between the two singers, which suggest a slight link with the song, where she wants to be independent and he wants to be with her. Although it's set in a recording studio, which takes a big impact away from everything. Their performances are great though, I would definitely see these singers live, full of passion Grace performs the song emotionally. G-Eazy's rap is performed on point, he means every word.

It's not wow, it's not amazing, it's more like a behind the scenes video about recording the song, it's kind of lazy, let's be fair, and there clearly wasn't much of a budget behind the video if it was this relaxed. Yet it's interesting how a song is made, but we've seen it all before.

Nothing new, nothing exciting, a song that doesn't exactly match, G-Eazy's rap is great, yet doesn't go with the song, Grace's voice outshines the entire song, and is full of emotion, yet it's not on point. The video is just as bad; lazy, unsurprising, and nothing to make me watch it again and again.
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