Anya - Beautiful World

January 28, 2016 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Anya is my Thursday revisit, purely because I doubt she will appear on my blog again for some time. And what a cracking debut single from this girl! Catchy yet relaxing with a ghost at the wheel of the truck, Anya and her lover boy lye down sensually touching one another. Making me slightly jealous, I want that in my life, although I don't think I could put my life in the hands of a ghost though.

Anya, real name Anya Marian, looks like she won't be returning to the music industry for a while now, although I truly believe it's time for her to make a comeback, with the amount of Romanian stars making it big nowadays, especially the international successes of Inna and Alexandra Stan, Romanian artists should be jumping on the bandwagon, and push their music out there while Romanian dance songs are popular. Anya could be the next big thing, but only if she goes for it.

The music video is sweet and innocent, it was supposed to be the next big hit after "Mr Saxobeat" by Alexandra Stan, but it just didn't hit off. Anya just didn't become the star people was hoping her to become,

There's complete focus of lying in the back of this truck, which reminds me of the short scene in Inna's music video "Crazy Sexy Wild / Tu Si Eu".

There's not a lot to comment on, apart from the sweetness of this, although she is quite daring letting the truck drive itself whilst she goes and visits the boy in the back, as well as looking sexy on the front of the truck, although that is a bit more than daring, yet we all want to try this one day surely.

Overall, interesting, different, doesn't exactly go with the club vibes of the song, however it does relate to the song well.
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