Slaves - Sockets

05 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I've been getting some suggestions at work, and this band have been mentioned a few times, although not any particular music video. And so I picked this one at random due to the peculiarity of the thumbnail, which is quite gruesome to say the least. After watching the music video I'm still not sure what to make of it. What the hell have I just watched? Slaves are bringing back punk music, updating it and giving us weird music videos to go with their songs.

Slaves are a British duo consisting of Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman. Before today, I hadn't heard a single song from them, to be honest I hadn't even heard of them. Although, they have been receiving a lot of radio play on Radio 1 recently, so maybe I've come across one of their songs in the car or something, wouldn't exactly surprised me. Their most recent album Are You Satisfied? charted on the UK albums chart at number eight, and continued on the chart for 22 weeks. This song is taken from that album.

This was directed by Ciaran Lyons. This freaky video gives vibes of the originality of punk music, with the old fashioned style as well as the weirdness. It's quite disturbing, although it is relatable somewhat to the song.

The song is all about a girl who doesn't have any money so she uses guys to get what she wants. She acts so sweet, but she tastes like salt... These lyrics don't really make all that much sense, and the guy's eyes are rolling around in their sockets. Taken literal, plugs go into sockets and everything works, or in this case tries to attack our main character.

I guess it's suggestive of the media and how they manipulate us, such as the girl in the lyrics. However the girl is clearly a grim reaper in this video, and is clearly into a bit of bondage and BDSM of sorts, especially since the guy gets tied up and attacked.

Overall, definitely out of date, this should've been released years ago, around the same time as when the Kaiser Chiefs released "Everyday I Love You Less And Less". Although a good concept, only just a little too freaky for my liking, it works well with the song, and has a slight connection to the song.
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